Price list of taxidermy - selection (complete price lists can be downloaded below)

CZ trophies Shoulder mount Full mount  
Fallow deer  340 - 360,-      
European red stag (deer) 380 - 440,-    
Sika deer 264 – 288,-      
Chamois 236,-      
Mouflon  264 – 288,-    
Wild boar  320- 352,-     
Roe buck  196,- from 640,-    
Badger 132,-   280,-    
Raccoon 132,- 260,-  
Prices in CZK without VAT 21%.      
Africa trophies Shoulder mount Full mount  
Eland 876,-      
Springbok 300,-    
Steenbok 196,-   from 476,-  
Buffalo  992,-      
Blessbok 356,-      
Red Hartebeest 436,-      
Duicker  232,-   from 612,-    
Impala   344,-      
Kudu   556,-    
Whitetail gnu  476,-      
Blue gnu 500,-      
Warthog 372,-      
Oryx 476,-      
Waterbok 540,-      
Zebra  496,-      
Prices in CZK without VAT 21%.      
Trophies from world  Shoulder mount Full mount Rug 
Ibex  420,-      
Moose 436 - 860,-    
Bear - open mouth    till 120 cm 916,- (every other cm 15,-) till 120 cm 508,- (every other cm 4,-)
Bear - close mouth    till 120 cm 776,- (every other cm 15,-) till 120 cm 436,- (every other cm 4,-)
Rain deer 428,-      
Marmot   180,-    
Prices in CZK without VAT 21%.        

Pedestals by agreement. We do not offer tanning of flat skins.

The prices of full mounts are with closed mouth!

For orders over 2,000 EUR without VAT, we require a 50% deposit.

Half-mounts are 60% of full mount price.

Special preparation +20%.

Price lists of other game species can be downloaded bellow.

VAT in CZ is 21%.

Price list of taxidermy - Files for download

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Why choose us for the preparation?

  • We are a stable company with a long history and a massive background.
  • Our studio is veterinarily approved with a certificate for the movement of trophies throughout the EU.
  • Our work uses the latest technologies and innovations in the field of taxidermy.
  • Lifetime warranty on your preparation.
  • We offer preparations of all kinds of animals in positions according to your ideas.
  • Faithful preparations, as alive at a reasonable price.

Feedback on our services

I have always been extremely satisfied with Mr Pekar work. He has an incredible sense of detail and gives a preparatory life. I highly recommend!

Zdeněk N., Brno

If you want quality preparations, contact Pekař Preparation. You will always be satisfied!

Jana N., České Budějovice

I would like to recommend the company Preparace Pekař to everyone who wants to have really beautiful and especially faithful preparations at home. I have always been satisfied.

František M., Praha
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